Moshiach Message


10 Teves, 5771

December 16, 2010

Dear friends sheyichyu!

The Rebbe Mh"M has instructed us to make actual preparations for the imminent arrival of Moshiach. The way to prepare is to make increases in our Divine Service, in the realm of Torah study, by increasing in quality and/or quantity of study, and the realm of mitzvah observance, by increasing in quality and/or quantity in our observance of the details of our performance. Special emphasis is encouraged in the study about the Messianic Era, and those mitzvos which have a special connection to Moshiach.

For a brief synopsis of Moshiach, click on the Rebbe's picture on the home page.

This will certainly help us in realizing our national goal of bringing the humanity and world to it's perfection, and herald an era of true peace and fulfillment with Moshiach's arrival!

Remember, every good deed you do can "tip the scales" and bring Moshiach immediately!

Moshiach NOW!!!

Hatzlacha rabba!! Much success!!

- Rabbi Chaim Adelman