The world perfected

A world of peace and goodness for all mankind.........wishful thinking? The stuff dreams are made of.....or an attainable goal? For thousands of years, the Torah has been teaching us that this is the mission of mankind. To make this dream into a reality. We call this the Era of Moshiach and it is but a heartbeat away. Our job is to live our own lives in harmony with this vision. In the perfected world there will be no more wars. Let us make peace with our neighbors now. In the perfected world there will be no more poverty. Let us give generously of our time and resources to help others now. In the perfected world we will know G-dliness. Let us study our heritage and grow closer to our roots now. The collective outpouring of goodness and kindness, knowlege and recommitment, can and will bring humanity to this long awaited Era. We must do our part and The Almighty will do His!