Upcoming Events

Lag Ba’Omer celebration!

Tuesday, May 9th, beginning 4pm! Barbeque, refreshments, music, games! Lag Ba’Omer marks the day of the ending of a terrible plague which killed 24 thousand students of Rabbi Akiva. In addition, Lag Ba’Omer is the day of passing of Rabbi Simon bar Yochai, who asked that we celebrate his lifelong accomplishments as opposed to focusing on the loss of a great sage.

Shavuos holiday at Chabad!

Begins Thursday night May 25 at 8:50 pm with a service and holiday dinner! Friday, May 26, 10 am morning service with the reading of the Ten Commandments! It is appropriate that everyone attend this reading, even very young children, just as it was when the Torah was given on Mount Sinai 3335 years ago with everyone in attendance! Ice cream party follows the service! 8:50 pm Shabbat and Holiday service and meal!