Upcoming Events

Tisha B’av at Chabad:
Wednesday night July 29th and Thursday July 30th.
Tisha B’av marks the anniversary of the destruction of the First and Second Temples, and the exiles which followed. We are at present almost 2000 years in exile after the destruction of the Second Temple, yearning for it’s rebuilding led by Moshiach. The prophets instituted a full day fast to mark the destruction; in Amherst the fast begins Wednesday at 8:12 pm and ends Thursday at 8:44 pm.
Services:Wednesday, 8:45 pm; Evening services with Eichah and Kinos (inside with social distancing)
Thursday, 9 am; Morning services with Kinos and Eicha at 12:30 pm (inside with social distancing)7:15 pm; conclusion of Morning service and Mincha service, Maariv at 8:44 pm followed by refreshments for the Break the Fast
We are primarily trying to get a minyan for the Mincha service, so if you are able to join please text back and please let me know if you can join and also if you prefer services outdoors or indoors with social distancing, ty